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The goal of the invading entities which brought on the Lyran Wars, was to destroy access between the Universal Gates, Lyran Gates and Andromeda, to prevent any metaterrestrial Founder races from gaining access into the Milky Way system, and preventing the future seedings and incarnations of the Christos Founder Races DNA. But soon the Lyran Wars spread to the constellation of Orion and through the Metagalactic Core, where it became a war with those who wanted to dominate others in this system based upon the Victim-Victimizer fear-based mind-sets. This can also be called archetypal Enemy Patterning. Entities with the Service to Self ideology were attempting to enslave or eliminate those who followed the Law of One, with the ideology of Service to Others that held love-based mind sets.

This extreme polarity consciousness was amplified due to the AI levels of programming used to weaponize attacks against multiple other species. The Bourgha from the black hole system inserted this virus with AI programming into our matrix creating a time rip with technology called Victim-Victimizer software.

VV Mind Control Strategy

The main goal of the Victim-Victimizer mind control and software is based on Divide and Conquer Tactics and intentionally programming humanity to think thoughts of violence and hatred about others to promote the Archontic Deception Behaviors and their unethical AD Strategies as a fear based control belief system. As humans feed their power into these AD systems and hierarchies based upon violence, lies and deception, the deception is covered up and its fabricated reality becomes an anti-human value system to enforce the Death Culture. As long as humans think thoughts and maintain belief systems of the Predator Mind, and feed into the alien software programs, they create victims and victimizers and spread more hatred and violence into the earth grids. Humans exchange roles between acting as the archetypal victim, and then because they do not want to be a victim anymore, they switch their role to become a victimizer. Both are forms of perpetuating inner and/or outer violence.

When we undergo the Ascension process, we undergo the process of Ego/Personality dismantling and a continued transformation to align our Consciousness to our spiritual self or Higher Self. During Ascension Stages of development or Kundalini awakening we undergo a form of psycho-spiritual crisis called the Dark Night of the Soul. During a variety of encounters of the "Dark Night" we will face issues of being a victim, or being a victimizer, or have either of these roles projected to us from other people or groups. As we develop personal discernment and gain clarity with these Imposter Spirit forces, we are able to synthesize these forces into harmonious patterns thereby neutralizing them. However, these victim archetypes are deeply enmeshed in the human psyche and Unconscious Mind which form the Negative Ego and are a Mind Control program that is operating in the world today.

The goal is to free one's mind from bondage to these Imposter Spirit forces as well as free one's thoughts, therefor freeing the mind to focus on the light of the soul.

One may see these patterns carry over with child sexual abuse, which is an Archontic NAA Strategy developed to traumatize humanity. A child who is sexually abused, grows into an adult who abuses children. The role of the victim and victimizer is interchangeable and promotes violence, hatred, trauma, abuse and misery which set the person up into Addiction.

This is a no win situation that is anti-human belief system, and is a Mind Control psychotronic warfare that is designed to spread hatred, division, and self enforcement of human enslavement set up by the Controllers. Educate yourself.

Victimizer Programming

Victim-Victimizer or VV programming, the unfortunate result is that unstable people that have not done much mental or emotional clearing, have built up hidden pain and trauma, that are easily controlled and manipulated by dark forces to play out their fears in the 2D or lower mind. These kind of people go unconscious and flip out very easily, are very weak spiritually, have low Impulse Control and are at high risk for dark portal use or Possession. The NAA and dark forces will groom and manipulate these unstable people to attack you directly. We all must be aware of this and take steps to defend ourselves by not allowing these kind of people to get too close to us or in your home (when possible). The problem is they will find ways to infiltrate peoples subconscious weakness, and then work them slowly to become increasingly unstable. Such as flip out into imaginary events and making accusations and perceived threats against you, without any kind of apparent reason that you know of.

Sexual Misery

The companion Mind Control software with the Sexual Misery program is the Victim-Victimizer program which is a Divide and Conquer strategy. These two software programs are used interchangeably through the NRG hardware. However, the Victimizer program is that which propagates an enforcement vehicle for the predator forces of the Imposter Spirit to work through, as this is what enforces Archontic Deception Behavior and other NAA Mind Control programming in the masses, such as the Sexual Misery program. 

Lack of Empathy

Most of the Negative Aliens and those humans serving the NAA are unable to feel, experience or express higher emotions, such as emotive and empathetic states of loving kindness or Compassion. Essentially, with a Lack of Empathy as a AD value system, it is easy to Mind Control program killing machines that have no remorse for their actions nor care of the consequences to their actions. The Negative Aliens have downloaded their genetic mutations through Mind Control technologies which manifest as a severe Lack of Empathy within the collective consciousness of the human race, in order to control the planet to serve their agenda. A major control mechanism is to enforce the cycles of Victim-Victimizer in the population of earth.

AD Strategy 2: Victim/Victimizer

Indoctrination into the AD behaviors and their supporting organizations will require mind control in repetition to repeat the regurgitation of dogma, and methods of intimidation to self-enforce those systems from human to human. This indoctrination must start at birth and be entrained by childhood for maximum conformity to accept AD abusive behaviors and loss of personal dignity as a way of life. The goal is to start as early as possible to superimpose these AD behaviors on babies and children. Introduction of the Victim-Victimizer abuser pattern as a Mind Control structure is implemented everywhere possible. When the baby or child is victimized by abusers, they grow up as adults that inflict abuse upon their victims, thereby switching their roles interchangeably. The indoctrinated and repeated patterns of abuse are cycled throughout and are medicated with mind altering and neurologically harming pharmaceuticals as soon as possible. More advanced levels of the V/V program is Satanic Ritual Abuse (SRA), which is more common than any sane person would like to know about. 

Predator Forces use Victimizer Software

Also, the Victim/Victimizer software program and its use of “predator forces” are utilized to enforce the enslavement of humanity through the patriarchal elitist programming of the NAA. One may pay attention to the cycle the predator force uses the Victim Victimizer software in controlling human beings to enforce their own enslavement and torture. It is a Mind Control and or Holographic Insert program where human beings completely ignore unapproved “words”, terms or issues that involve their enslavement or torture, even if they come face to face with it. If they do face it, the predators egos of the False King of Tyranny may threaten their life, their career, their family, through this software to influence public or group perception to incite persecution. This may happen when the person is aware he has been targeted for persecution, or the person is not aware at all that events are being influenced through this targeting software Alien Machinery. Spiritual Leaders and those making headway in certain “unapproved” areas of public discussion, such as Extraterrestrials, UFO’s, abduction cases, Alien Implants, the Satanic use of child sacrifice, pedophilia, Moloch insignia for SRA - will be targeted for victimization.

Knowing this occurs regularly to all of our Brave Light Leadership and ascending communities, we must do all we can to be compassionate, loving and nonjudgmental, refusing to allow our mind to be buy into this divisive victim software.

The Victim software is like a viral infection that works in targeting and stages. One may notice that the global news and every day people will target and victimize people that have been used by the predator, unless it serves a larger global mind control agenda. For most of them the fabricated lie is believed as the truth, and people enforce that lie by believing blindly the nonsense they are told. When a person or child is raped, suffers abuse, E.T. abducted, sees a UFO, sees extra-dimensional’s, has a spiritual awakening, and it is authentic, many times they are told they brought it on themselves, they deserved it, they imagined it, or they are crazy.

Many of these people suffer silently feeling isolated and alone with no outlet of emotional catharsis and healing. The person having suffered horrific abuse or had multidimensional experiences of ascension are turned on and attacked as if they are the predator, as this is a way to hide the identity of the real predator. This is how the Victimizer program works.

It is virally loaded into our mental bodies so that we enforce this insanity and its delusion upon our own race. It is a type of denial mind slide and ego corruption so that we will not look at or explore topics we find hard to cope with, explain, deal with or change. (See the Three Layers of Ego) As a consequence of this complacency, we essentially do nothing while we watch people of our own race be ridiculed for bringing truth, tortured, starved, killed or mutilated for no reason. Most of this is genocide related SRA or ritual based killing performed by the Satanic races. Some of us wish it away while making an excuse it is their karma as Redemptive Vehicle or it will all be okay. Evil prevails when good people do nothing. Who is benefiting from this?

The Victimizer program is the Mind Control software that the predator uses to inflict the Archontic Deception Behavior and its divide and conquer strategies between all of us. Knowing it exists and being present always in the moment to refuse its program of control upon your mind, is the first step at productive healing. This supports you as the individual and the entire planet.

Dark Tactics of Targeting

As one becomes responsible for one’s behavior and being aware about the World of Forces, we avoid being used unconsciously to create dramas, pain and karmic loads (see Miasma) on our self and the others around us. This also equips us to deflect these forces when they are in the various stages of abuse through the alien manipulation and its Alien Machinery software. When we are emotionally or mentally unstable, we become easily manipulated by dark forces and may be used as their vessel.

There are various strategies of targeting light-workers (all persons that are influencing positive changes for humanity and the planet) such as the following:

1. Manipulating the Psychic Forces of a person, so they will act out or believe something not true. This is very common with sexual energy and belief systems to promote reversals in sexual attitudes, such as Misogyny.

2. Projecting false images through Holographic Insert into the Astral Plane, esp. in dream states,

3. Using Negative Form, and their residue energies, from being traumatized in other timelines,

4. Using painful memories from current or other lifetimes Soul Matrix, that person can be controlled by,

5. Using isolation techniques of victimization, defamation, and singled out as a “lunatic” to lose credibility with peers,

6. Acting out of pain or betrayal scenarios in partners, spouses and other close family relationships

7. Possessing of unstable personalities bodies for the use of directing dark forces to inflict harm and chaos

The Unstable or Wounded Personality

Tempering our knowledge with the fact that we are existing in a heavily Mind Controlled manipulated reality from Negative Aliens involvement in all World human affairs and that unstable people are being used as portals for these Imposter Spirit dark forces, is an important discernment needed to make for an informed and appropriate action. Mentally and emotionally unstable people are used as portals for dark forces to create chaos. What is the characteristic of an emotionally unstable person with unhealed Negative Ego and Pain Body?

Emotionally Unstable Personality Disorder is a condition characterized by impulsive actions, rapidly shifting moods, and chaotic relationships. Many times because of insecurities they seek to control the environment and others in order to make things around them fit into their belief system. These people become Controllers or perpetual victims. The individual usually goes from one emotional crisis to another. Often there is narcissism, dependency, separation anxiety, unstable self-image, chronic feelings of emptiness or sadness.

Sexual Energy Manipulation

An interconnected part of the Victimizer network is to manipulate the sexual energy of human beings, individually, in couplings, or in promiscuous sex relations. There is extra-dimensional involvement in manipulating the sexual energy through proposed couplings that people in the New Age believe are "twin soul" or some other "spiritually ordained" relationship. These persons of desired genetic material, certain bloodlines, star people, Indigo Races are usual matched early on with predatorial relationships that are abusive, but the person still may believe it is their duty to fulfill this abusive relationship or sexual role for the sake of "karma". Some people are targeted and tagged with Alien Implants to be followed through in an abduction and lab experimentation process, and forced to conjoin in sexual acts on ships, and then told to meet up in the physical realm.

Many of these are known to feed the “Sexual Misery program” propagated and controlled by the Moon Chain (lunar) lineages on the earth. (These are lineages not indigenous to the earth but came through the process of invasion and deception.) These are multiple layers of architecture and Mind Control that have been artificially created to control, deceive, separate, confuse, torture and steal human beings sexual life force, and it is a violation against the human soul. These actions wound the Soul Matrix body, as the trauma level in events such as rape or sexual torture, forced sexual encounters, breeding programs for hybrids - may fragment the soul into near destruction. 

VV Targeting Case Study

Victimizer Targeting Stages, this VV targeting program is a general definition of what I have experienced for many years now, as a spiritual and community leader (by default) over many years, with some of the community members, non-community members, in outside emails from people, internet stalkers, etc. This is the NAA strategy of consciousness and freedom suppression on planet earth at the end of the dark cycle to deter or distort spiritual or community leadership that they consider a threat outside their Mind Control mechanism and Archontic Deception Behavior strategies. See Personal V/V Case Study below.

Victimizer Archetypes

As the Victimizer Archetypes and related programs that are embedded in the cellular matrix are very enhanced now, especially in adjunct to Life Review patterns for many of us now on the ascension path. Let us say this is explosive for some of us now, and I am observing traps for ensnarement, and Addiction, like jaws attempting to latch on to our vulnerability. We have discussed many times we are working with Aurora Krystal Star Host for re-encryption of elementals, and our elemental body, and our relevant work and projects are highly emphasized to accelerated now in regards to this particular issue.

As we observe with informed awareness we can be more effective to NEUTRALIZE these victim/archetypes and their persona trying to latch onto one's field and cellular body. 

VV archetypes

Some of these controller NAA programs being pushed now from NRG (Nephilim Reversal Grids) as a victimizer targeting:

1.  False Friend (i.e. Surface : I am so Proud of you! I want to be your friend on my terms of self entitlement. Hidden: Let me eat your light now!)

2.  False Parent(i.e. Surface: I am your protector/nurturer. Hidden: Let me play this role so I can exhaust you and divert you from realizing your real path)

3.  Seducer: (i.e. Surface: Oooh.....You're cute! Flatter, Flatter. Hidden: Let me tangle you in my False Flattery webbing and cord your 2D centers for my insatiable vampire and lure you into Sexual Misery)

4.  Hero-Savior: (i.e. Surface: Your helpless so I will save you! Hidden: Let me steal your resources so I can be more powerful than you are)

5.  Silent Enemy (i.e. previous aggression from silent enemy is totally dormant and silent. Hidden: Looking for a vulnerability and monitoring for aggression to divert and create chaos and disruption)

Please remember to not personalize anything, really work on dis-identification and neutrality of Negative Ego and its Pain Body defense mechanisms. These have been in operation for a long time, however these fear programs get amplified when we are moving to another frequency level, and as we move through time fields and a "life review" many of these archetypes that live inside unconscious people around us are operating at a high level of aggression now. We all have the POWER to DISMANTLE and render these booby traps with practicing the Law of One, Law of Compassion, Law of Intent, Law of Consent and TOTAL NEUTRALITY. See this operating in the collective field as distortions infecting the unconscious mind matrix, and do not entangle, nor dance with this victim role playing. Through transparency leaving it nothing to stick on to, will prevent these infectious ways of being from embedding themselves.

Patriarchal Domination

Domestic Abuse Chart:

Patriarchal Domination is enforced in a variety of ways through abuses of alpha male power to control women and those ranked lower on the social or religious classification system through violence, fear and intimidation and Victim-Victimizer techniques. This is a learned skill that is promoted in a variety of ways or is mimicked from boys watching their Father's or male authority figures to enforce the Archontic Deception Strategy and promote Misogyny to continue the cycle of violent abuse of women or girls. This is a primary strategy of programming humans in to Mind Controlled Archontic Deception Behavior that originates from the Orion Group Reptoids. Strategies of exerting power and control through Misogyny exist at every level of society, starting as domestic violence and forms of abuse which shape core values and the way humans are programmed to think. To better grasp how the Archons of the False King of Tyranny in the Power Elite operate to abuse power systems on the earth through cycles of creating Victim-Victimizer in people, please see the domestic abuse chart.

Victimizer Collective Archetypes

Victimizer Collective Archetypes are the main Mind Control archetypes used to influence Victim-Victimizer (VV) programming to control and manipulate the Unconscious Mind of the collective consciousness of human beings on planet earth. These are general fear based levels of transmitting on and off planet NAA technology through Extreme Low Frequency (ELF), GWEN, and radio waves directed into the planetary body and earth surface in order to influence the unconscious mind (1st Chakra), neurological system, and brain of the collective race mind of humanity. This is designed to pulse transmissions of fear based survival consciousness throughout the planet to keep humans polarized in their lower three energy centers known as the Three Layers of Ego. This one of the Controller Programs to disconnect and damage the direct spiritual relationship to the Father principle of God and replace that relationship to the False Alien Gods. These general ELF pulses that are directed into the planetary body are called Consciousness Sweeps.​

V/V Case Study:  (As personally experienced by Lisa Renee of Energetic Synthesis):

​V/V Case Study

The Victim-Victimizer or V-V targeting program is the general definition of a mind control program that has surfaced for many years now, from being in a role of spiritual leader by default, and being responsible for stewarding the Energetic Synthesis Guardian content over the years. This programming surfaces with archetypal forces using destructive patterns from previous timelines, and it happens with some of the community members and non-community members who may unconsciously play out these same roles. We are destined to repeat the same patterns of the past, until we awaken and understand them and take steps to elevate our consciousness beyond the painful, victim archetypal roles.

The V-V programming also commonly occurs as an energetic signature appearing in outside emails sent from random people, such as internet stalkers and online trolls, as well as intelligence community disinformation people. Because of my online public role, I am targeted and have been accused of many things from people at a distance. People that write or communicate their perceptions of me, in a negative slant or through accusations, even through they have never talked with me directly or know me at any level as a human being. People running V-V programming have no desire to know the real truth. V-V programming comes with a specific agenda of divide and conquer, it is the most common mind control program used by the dark forces or the NAA to incite confusion, fear and chaos within their targets.

The standard agenda is to create doubt and chaos through the continual spreading of disinformation and outright lies. It is a form of Psychological Warfare that is designed to defame a person's character, to dishonor and demean the associated content, with the purpose to destroy all credibility in the perception of an wider audience.

By sharing the philosophy of the Law of One which is the knowledge base of the Guardian Host, the high risk of this vocation is that many times I am portrayed as a cult leader or that I am unstable or insane, by those in fear of what they do not understand. My spiritual mission and role is to promote spiritual and practical knowledge to the public that has been refused entry to the secrets of the Power Elite, the bankers club cabal, run at the top of the pyramid of control by the Orion Group and NAA consortium. As the planetary body ascends, the inhabitants of earth need to gain higher knowledge to stay informed, to help empower themselves, to understand the sophisticated levels of Gaslighting and deception promoted through covert and invisible technological Mind Control, and why extra dimensional manipulation on this planet has accelerated as the result of Ascension Cycle. Ascension information is offered as a spiritual study on how to free one's mind from the assorted effects of Mind Control and to learn how to gain a basic road-map to achieve inner spiritual connection that supports personal sovereignty.

The Controllers definition of normalizing despair and human suffering to mask an appearance of sanity in the 3D world, is very different than my own. My definition of insanity is Psychopathic minds with elitist beliefs of genetic discrimination that exhibit no remorse or empathy for the rampant destruction caused through the practices of Satanic Ritual Abuse SRA, as they intend to kill, torture and incite wars that are purposed to enslave the planet and disconnect the heart and soul of human beings. The predator force degenerate rule is based upon the killing, raping and pillaging of collective humanity, exploiting women and children as sexual slaves, and destroying this planet's resources for profit and power, serving twisted ideas of personal pleasure by gaining total conquest and rule. This is Psychopathic insanity as outlined in detail in the strategies of the NAA's Archontic Deception Behavior.

It is important at this time to educate oneself to make informed decisions about Consent and cultivate one's own inner clarity about consciously choosing the direction of time, Consciousness and personal energy, deciding how one wants to participate with this ascending planet. As an unconscious Controller being or learning how to be re-educated to evolve spiritually as God-Sovereign-Free through practicing GSF Behavior.

The Alpha Draconis/Orion Group V-V targeting program has occurred during every planetary grid project that I engage with in order to attempt to interfere or derail my projects in collaboration with Guardian Host. The Orion Controller Group of the NAA like to show me their displeasure and they roll this V-V targeting program out like clockwork. This usually happens when trying to take out someone in the near vicinity that is mentally unstable or spiritually weakened though their personal unresolved conflicts, a wounded personality unwilling to be responsible for their own behaviors. Sometimes they will infiltrate as close as possible, and this targeting attempt of the inner sanctum, I call that the 'knife twister'. They try to get closer and closer to something or someone that is vulnerable near my person in order to use that as a strategy of an ambushed attack designed to emotionally devastate or weaken my spiritual strength. This is the NAA strategy of Spiritual Warfare and consciousness freedom suppression at the end of the dark cycle to derail or distort spiritual communities or the community leadership, that they consider a threat. We are considered a threat because we act outside of their mind control mechanism, Frequency Fences and Archontic Deception Behavior strategies. They also plant a lot of emotionally unstable and wounded people and prop them up as popular spiritual leaders in order to promote their new age hijack mind control agendas.

The Unstable or Wounded Personality

The emotionally or mentally unstable personality profile is the first level of people that are directly targeted to be used as a dark portal and are used by the predator forces of the Imposter Spirit to spread V-V programming.

Tempering our knowledge with the fact that we are in a heavily manipulated reality from covert negative alien involvement, coupled with the fact that unstable people are being used as portals for these dark forces, is an important distinction to make for an appropriate action. Unstable and traumatized people are commonly used as portals for dark forces. What is the characteristic of an unstable person?

Emotionally Unstable Personality Disorder is a condition characterized by untrustworthy behaviors, impulsive actions, rapidly shifting moods, and chaotic relationships. Many times because of insecurities they seek to control the environment and others in order to make things around them fit into their belief system. The individual usually goes from one emotional crisis to another and feeds on this drama as a psychic vampire. Often there is narcissism, dependency, separation anxiety, unstable self-image, chronic feelings of emptiness or sadness and Addiction problems. See Negative Ego and its evolving stages into Narcissism and then its final stages into full blown Psychopathy.

Personal Case Study of Targeting

I am sharing my personal case study on stages of V-V programming, as it follows a clear and distinct pattern no matter who it surfaces within. I hope this information may help other spiritual leaders and community stewards to navigate this insidious programming more easily.

I Love You and then I Hate You Victim-Victimizer Software Program; the 180 degree flip. This is a special targeting rolled out by Alpha Draconis/Orion Group of the NAA using a dominating, aggressive, intimidating personality for carrying out the False King of Tyranny to attack a spiritual group or community leader in any field of Unapproved Topics that they perceive as a threat to the mind control narrative. This is an Archontic Deception Behavior for Divide and Conquer Tactics used to break apart groups or community from forming strong bonds or from progressing forward and growing in productive or effective ways.

Stages of Targeting Spiritual Leadership

Level One: Projections

An Awakening person becomes newly exposed to any kind of spiritual ascension material, such as the ES field and content on the website, or the persona of Lisa Renee as a steward, and as a result of this exposure, begins to have all kinds of astral images, misconceptions, fantasy projections, and expectations that get imagined as facts. The information is based in astral fantasy, and thus barely any of it is based in an accurate reality or truth. This may come with the pedestal attachment of standard guru modeling as has been entrained in 3D mind control. When a leader is placed on a pedestal in someone's mind, it means the leader at some point will be knocked down off that pedestal in disgrace. People that tend towards Emotional Manipulation of the Victim-Victimizer archetypes will run the gamut of a variety of emotional dramas and sudden urgencies. Strange intense attachments may begin to develop in the person's mind, attaching them to the spiritual leader image, that are stemming from subconscious manipulation or astral delusions, many times from dream states or lucid experiences that have been manipulated by dark forces.

Many times these astral delusions are perceived as coming from the "spiritual leader" (ES/LR), so that leader can be blamed for both bad experiences and/or praised for good experiences. This is an immature action of personal non accountability and irresponsibility with spiritual hygiene. During these astral experiences, blame shifting occurs as their personal experiences are now being projected onto me as the responsible party. The person can become overly excited and go overboard with their spiritual ambition and learning pace. This usually means they are setting themselves up for burn out, and shows that they have little discipline in controlling impulses and emotions. This behavior is a sign of a lack of inner emotional stability, and/or lack of life experience where understanding and wisdom has not yet been integrated into a mature personality. Some people have acquired knowledge without wisdom, heart or patience, and this creates the feeling of self-entitlement, lack of humility and sharpness in the mental body. This can feel to an intuitive like a prickly pear feeling, sharp mental probing. When there is an overall lack of emotional clarity and emotional competence, that leads to potential hijack through dark force manipulation. Many times the person is wanting shortcuts and looking for instant gratification to release anxiety caused by the Negative Ego. In these cases, I feel weary that the person may be set off easily by something because they lack core stability. One can feel the attachments being made and the lack of emotional stability in their choices. Attachment tot he external creates manipulation and forms of controlling which leads to hijack of inner clarity and clouding of accurate assessment.

Keynotes: Euphoria, simulated connectedness with attachment and expectation, initial resonance with spiritual leader as a reflection of the inner self, “I am home”. Conversely, the person can hate the leader for no apparent reason and start a research campaign to find any iota of minutiae to question or defame the leader's character or personal integrity on a disinformation campaign.

Level Two: Emotional Manipulation

Over exuberance and commiseration with shared Starseed Blueprint or spiritually related experiences, usually when a person is overly-emotional it is a clear vulnerability for dark exploitation, and this is a red flag. (No spiritually integrated leader wants adoration or this kind of attention from anyone.)

This pattern begins as a recognition at an deeper level to an archetype of past or future time, such as “You are fill in the blank to me/my galactic self, etc.” (Insert image of archetypal reference that person is projecting on leadership or LR’s person.) I generally have zero animation to whatever the person is projecting as an archetype towards me, because: a. its meaningless in the larger picture, b. the person is too attached to the stereotype or archetype, c. it is subject to manipulation.

At this stage it is best to hold silent witness to these events, unfortunately the person may mistake this witnessing and total acceptance of their perceptions. That I am “commiserating, approving and endorsing” their personal point of view and experiences. Witnessing and observing is not the same as endorsement or ignorance to the larger events unfolding. I do not specifically endorse anyone, even though we try our best to increase knowledge based resources that I feel will benefit community and groups. We hope to support open source information based in humanitarian values and related empowerment material that can be shared freely everywhere.

Further, this makes some people very upset believing I am ungrateful and taking advantage of all they/someone else what they believe they had given to me by the gift of their presence. Because of copyright laws based on the dark controllers manipulation of illegality throughout the spiritual communities, that even though I have arrived at the content myself through direct extra dimensional experiences over many years, that somehow I am remiss in giving credit where credit is due. Even though I have published nothing or taken copyright or monies for any work that I consistently give for free and shared creative commons. People offer me things that I do not want, make assumptions, or they attach to me obligations that may hope to manipulate. It is given as a bait in order to attach obligation to them or future copyright/use feuds.

Keynotes: expectation and attachments develop, disputes over ascension material or “like material-words” like "I said it first.. mine, me, me", people start spreading their perception/belief of mistrust to others in the spiritual group (behind the scenes). There is applied pressure and drain on my spiritual and energy body, to exhaust and stop my productivity. I allow time to wait to see if the person/issues will “self –correct” through synchronic timing and guidance. Sometimes they do, sometimes they do not.

Level Three: Distraction-Interference Techniques

Pressures are applied of needed direct personal communication for transparency, pressures to witness important events start to formulate with urgency”. Urgency means that my work needs to stop when they “call out” something they feel needs my direct and personal attention. Generally several people come out at the same time demanding urgency during the same day or two when I am being targeted. When the urgency happens at certain moments where it’s impossible for me to address, the timing always informs me of its source almost 100% of the time.

Interference is the experience of traveling on the highway and you know you are moving in the direction you are aligned to, and someone is demanding you take a turn off and exit the highway. Generally they will now try to unconsciously control my attention, focus and priorities to something they believe is more suitable, appropriate, based on some imagined urgency. When I do not jump to their urgency, then they can attack me for my lack of responsibility. Usually stating I am lacking in my priorities because I cannot see the important information that they are seeing.

Sometimes the manipulator feels more special than the rest of the community/others and because of that belief, they think I shoudl treat them accordingly. When I do not take the emotional bait-hook of spiritual special-ness (Negative Ego), or otherwise do not behave in the way they demand from me, this is when the seeds of mistrust, hatred and doubt start creeping into the thoughts of their mental body.

Generally is this taken full advantage of and manipulated by the NAA for divide and conquer.

Keynote: conflicts with spiritual leader (ES/LR), self-doubt, fear of misplaced trust, looking for things that may reveal the content or leader is a liar. This all brings to surface the un-reconciled histories which may be personal, planetary, or a part of other identities in time. Many of these holographic visions are generally imprinted with the VV layers from Orion Group and related to the mental reversals which are “splitter-scramblers”. These holographic movies are played with the persona of spiritual leader (me) as the "photo-shopped actor" placed in various devious acts and positions in a person's imagination to separate the core group’s trust, break apart of spiritual content, otherwise known as “divide and conquer” strategy. This is to stop the spiritual group from growing outside controllers grasp or from the content from expanding freely into the public.

Level Four: Spreading Malicious Gossip

From the energetic pressure of expectation being exerted from this person/situation, generally waiting it out to see what piece need correction, allowing only synchronic connections and clear guidance on the timing to intercede. It is best to never respond to urgency or create urgency as they always have bait-hooks that create more chaos and confusion in a group setting. Generally it is not wise to interact or take action while the vulnerable person is undergoing their own process, even if they are projecting their spiritual event upon leadership/me.

Generally in this stage now the person imagines or sees visions of the spiritual leader (LR persona) as wrong, bad, evil, or duplicitous, and that they are convinced these movies are real and that the spiritual leader is really deceiving them and harming others. Sometimes they will generally freak out from their own inner unresolved fears and visions that the dark uses to create separation and chaos in our spiritual community field and its group body of work. Many times my next communication is related to the person out of the blue in a panic saying, “Are you mad at me? “ Did I do something wrong?" They are a mixture of freaked out, panicked or apologetic, they do not know what to think as they are being manipulated by Mind Control technology that they cannot discern. They are aware of some trauma they have undergone and they may perceive this trauma as coming from group, content, leadership (or that I am at fault) in some way. Their mind has formulated make believe and imagined scenarios that have absolutely nothing to do with me or the stewardship body of work. 100% of the time I have no clue what the person is talking about or referring to when they accuse me of something out of the blue. I am totally disconnected from whatever evil visions they have about me/ES as they clearly have nothing to do with me/ES, from my personal actions or behaviors.

All I can say here is as a steward of ES ascension community, is that I lead from my heart and do the best I can with what I have to work within. Any leader cannot react to imposed urgency or unverified visions used to distract attention from the task at hand.

Level Five: Conclusion of Disdain or Hatred

These fear or hatred thoughts start to creep in the person’s mind creating erosion of whatever they have had contact with in the community. This disdain usually will manifest people doing things in a self-justification to the larger make believe event the VV program has constructed in their mind.

Generally this mind controlled program requires a "do not touch" approach as it will unravel itself and self-destruct as it explodes all the hidden bits to the surface, of which has been witnessed hundreds of times. This is the best way to detonate these hidden VV programs and neutralize their impact. These can be filled with booby traps such as implants for scrambler-splitters Holographic Inserts. To neutrally observe is the best way to handle this circumstance when in emotional and energetic explosion, in order to allow it to neutralize fully and reorganize itself. At this stage the Dark ones have infiltrated where there are group weaknesses and add some explosive elements (like tnt or like gun powder) to try to gain a maximum foothold to generate chaos or destruction in the groups efforts of attaining unity. During these times many people will leave or return it is like a turnstile impact to the group field. Much Gossip tends to be promoted to those outside of the community to commiserate what a cult leader and ego maniac I am. Seeing the residue and not allowing it to manipulate or control you is what clears and dissipates it faster, again with the compassionate witness holding neutrality with engaged non attachment.

The positive part of this circumstance is to ferret out ego and energetic weaknesses that are hidden, obstructive or in conflict with the overall objective or mission statement of this ES prism of the Krystal Star Guardian Host. This website serves a purpose in its attempts to bring the embodiment of this material through the online community and technology of this time period. Clearly the Krystal Star has multiple projects on earth attempting in every way to bring the communication hubs and trinity architecture into matter, this is just one of their many projects on earth. However as one notices, there are barely any spiritual leaders talking about the ascension or extraterrestrial influence out there in the world. The answer is this part of the workload is very difficult because of the VV targeting attempts to stop the expansion of consciousness and the promotion of spiritual freedom. This part is not pleasant nor easy, and like the many pictures I have seen painted of the Christ figure, he looks weary. I relate to that very much, as there is most definitely that Negative Aliens and Imposter Spirit program to target any spiritual leader, steward or person that goes public and starts to have an influence that they can track changes in the future timelines.

Until the NAA and its Alien Machinery and Mind Control technology is understood, they still are able to manipulate people’s mind and emotional state easily, until one is clear and strong enough in their spiritual core to stop being used this way. This is why I share this detail.

Emotional Manipulation

As the chaos generated from the planetary ascension accelerates, many people are being influenced by negative forces that they do not comprehend. Some of these negative forces are sourcing from peoples own Unconscious Mind and Negative Ego which has reinforced a lifetime of negative habits and behaviors. When people feel unsafe and insecure in themselves they will easily resort to controlling and manipulating behaviors. It is helpful to educate oneself about this behavior in order to protect oneself and create the necessary healthy boundaries.

Even though the above Case Study of V/V describes Lisa's personal experience as a Community Leader one can certainly extrapolate this into everyday scenarios that each of us experience.  The V/V program is INSIDIOUS in nature and can be very difficult to discern when one is in the throws of either the direct targeting experience, or conversely, the one being impulsed and acting these archetypes out.  It is extremely important that we each do our own spiritual housekeeping work on our negative ego, pain body, shadow body in order to stop this program from further destroying our connections with each other and creating a joy-filled world.