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​​Corrina Rasmussen

Corrina is a Social Worker,  Ascension Guide, Planetary Gridworker, Starseed/Indigo Advocate, Spiritual Mentor, and Shamanic Practitioner.
A graduate of the Four Winds Society  (Full Mesa Carrier) and a Certified Delegate of the Resonance Project, as well, a practitioner of the Hieros Gamos System (The Inner Balance To Sacred Marriage) compiled by Lisa Renee (Energetic Synthesis) in addition to being a Mentor within the Energetic Synthesis community.  As a Social Worker, Corrina has been in the field of human services assisting individuals and families since 1989.  Within that discipline Corrina has additional certification, training, and extensive experience working with all forms of Trauma, Mental Health, Domestic Violence Intervention, Individual and Family Counseling and Mediation.  She is a Member of the Association for Conflict Resolution; a member of the Association of Family and Conciliation Courts; has Suicide Prevention and Intervention training, certification in the Ethics in Indigenous Healing Practices; Non-Violent Crisis Intervention certification; and National Coaching - Levels 1 and 11.  Corrina has also spent many years learning and exploring the areas of Unified Physics (completed the delegates program with the Resonance Academy 2009 and 2014), Cell Biology, Cosmology, Ancient history, UFO research, Consciousness and Energetic healing methods as it relates to our intrinsic interconnectedness.  This is an ongoing exploration of Corrina's with a view to continually bring the latest research, and information, to the fore of her mentoring, classes and workshops that she facilitates.  Further, Corrina remains committed to creating collaborative relationships with as many of the leading researchers and individuals working toward bringing new, sustainable, environmentally supportive technologies, along with, truth, justice, disclosure and reconciliation to survivors of all forms of sexual cult abuse and human trafficking.  Corrina wishes to participate in the TRUTH TEACHINGS of the
Law Of One  being brought back into the conscious awareness of humanity. 

Corrina has had an awareness of her connection to Spirit from a very young age - from her earliest memories in fact. Since the age of six, she was aware of her direct guidance with ‘extra and ultra dimensional’ beings that taught her how to work with her abilities, soul travel on and off planet, how to walk in and out of this dimensional realm, as well as, they began training and preparing her for her future role today.  As a teenager she mostly stepped away from her direct guidance teams and gained wisdom through the many challenges 3D life presented. In her mid 30’s, her multi-dimensional awareness reawakened as she once again began to seek guidance and answers to explain her own life events and that of her clients in her career as a social worker. In 2004 her 3D life began to shift, yet again, ultimately shifting her perspective and purpose. This led her on a deep dive into Shamanic and Energy Training, all things esoteric and mystery school, Unified Physics, Epigenetics, ET's and UT's (Extra and Ultra Terrestrial beings) and our combined galactic history, and Exo-politics just to name a few.  In an attempt to understand all the distortions/dis-information/manipulations and advanced alien technology that she had experienced and viewed within the New Age modalities, along with trying to find others who were collaborating with the same group of beings she was experiencing, she was eventually guided to Lisa Renee and Energetic Synthesis. It was there that Corrina found like-minded individuals, information, and a kindred spirit in Lisa Renee who was, as well, working with the Krystal Star Oraphim Special Forces, Guardians, and Aurora Tri-Tone Luminaries.  Corrina's work is deeply grounded on the principles of The Cosmic Sovereign Law of One, Service to Others, the Cosmic Path of Unity, and the Ascending Architects of Light which focuses on re-educating humanity with a view to helping people to step into a truer and freer expression of their BE-ing by helping them understand who, and what, they are, providing easily accessible and practical tools, and empowering them to do their own inner work without the need for an intermediary practitioner.   

Corrina's passion for understanding the "human condition" has made this work her life long commitment .  As such, the practice of personal, spiritual, and global health and well being is the driving force behind her desire for knowledge and the understanding of what "truly is".  In conjunction with this she has a keen awareness of global responsibility  and wishes to continually expand this body of knowledge to be inclusive and ground breaking, as well as, on the collaborative leading edge of truth, wholeness, integration, reconciliation, and assisting in bridging the gap between Western medicine, the latest research in all emerging areas of science, cosmology, and Indigenous Healing practices.

The information provided on this website, in it's individual and component pieces, contributes to the overall synthesized body of work presented by Corrina in her practice and workshops.  During Corrina's years of research and study, attempting to understand the science and deeper meaning of her experiences, she was guided to these individuals prior to most of them collaborating through seminars and workshops around the world.  These individual bodies of work have been placed on this website, firstly to acknowledge these extraordinary individuals for their pursuits, research and tremendous tenacity to bring forward information that has directly challenged many conventional and dogmatic systems of belief regarding our reality. Secondly, we hope that you will take the time to do your own study of this information in order to gain a greater understanding, as well as, discernment as to the truthfulness and resonance of whatever path you ultimately chose to follow in your spiritual quest.  THE USE OF KNOWLEDGE IS POWER!!! 

Corrina is available for Private Healing Sessions, Soul Retrieval, De-Possession, and House/Property/Land clearing either in person or remotely.   Corrina is also available for mentoring and teaching individuals and groups in the practice of ceremony, ritual, understanding energy and energy systems, community building, and specific healing tools and methods that will assist those who wish to have more purpose, peace, personal power, and direction in their lives. 

If you wish to have a Private Healing Session and/or Mentoring Sessions with Corrina please see the 12D Shielding Technique page and work with entraining this 12th dimensional frequency in your Auric body in order to achieve optimal outcomes.    

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[Official Badge of the Delegate LVL1 Program of the Resonance Academy]

​This is the Official Badge of the Exploring Unified Physics: Delegate Level 1 Program of the Resonance Academy.  Earning this badge requires completing all of the Modules of the Delegate LVL1 Program.  It represents a basic fundamental knowledge of Unified Physics, its origins, and its future implications.​