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What is post-traumatic stress disorder?

Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) often involves exposure to trauma from single events that involve death or the threat of death or serious injury. PTSD may also be linked to ongoing emotional trauma, such as abuse in a relationship.

Something is traumatic when it is very frightening, overwhelming and causes a lot of distress. Trauma is often unexpected, and many people say that they felt powerless to stop or change the event. Traumatic events may include crimes, natural disasters, accidents, war or conflict, sexual violence, abduction, or other threats to life or safety. It could be an event or situation that you experience yourself or something that happens to others, including loved ones.

PTSD causes intrusive symptoms such as re-experiencing the traumatic event. Many people have vivid nightmares, flashbacks, or thoughts of the event that seem to come from nowhere. They often avoid things that remind them of the event—for example, someone who was hurt in a car crash might avoid driving.

PTSD can make people feel very nervous or ‘on edge’ all the time. Many feel startled very easily, have a hard time concentrating, feel irritable, or have problems sleeping well. They may often feel like something terrible is about to happen, even when they are safe. Some people feel very numb and detached. They may feel like things around them aren’t real, feel disconnected from their body or thoughts, or have a hard time feeling emotions.

People also experience a change in their thoughts and mood related to the traumatic event. For some people, alcohol or other drugs can be a way to cope with PTSD.

Who does it affect?

While most people experience trauma at some point in their life, not all traumatic experiences lead to PTSD. We aren’t sure why trauma causes PTSD in some people but not others, but it’s likely linked to many different factors. This includes the length of time the trauma lasted, the number of other traumatic experiences in a person’s life, their reaction to the event, and the kind of support they received after the event.

Some jobs or occupations put people in dangerous situations. Military personnel, first responders (police, firefighters, and paramedics), doctors, and nurses experience higher rates of PTSD than other professions.

Trauma is not always a single event in the past. Some trauma, particularly repeated acts like abuse or trauma during wartime, can impact a person’s life far beyond the symptoms of PTSD. Some use other terms like ‘complex PTSD’ to describe these experiences. 


Traumas are deep energetic wounds that if they are left unresolved and unhealed in a person, within the layers of our bodies, they create a pathway for various energy Parasites and Attachments, that form many energetic tributaries that feed the same wound of internal Trauma. In higher vision, it can appear something like an black energy octopus in the person 's energy field, it can be sensed as formed from a core trauma event within it, with several lines of dark energy moving in the body to be triggered in various ways inside that person, used like marionette lines of a puppet to be activated from certain emotional or mental triggers. When those deep trauma wounds are in the person, and there are cords connected to them, many times they connect to Mind Control programs that are specific 3D belief systems. What can happen is that the Trauma wound attracts an extradimensional entity or Negative Disincarnate that is vibrating at a particular level at whatever that Trauma wound is. So say there is a traumatic psycho-spiritual event, where someone was a child victim of abuse, or at some point in their life the person underwent some experience of abuse. So if that abuse energy is not forgiven, cleared and moved through the body; that person probably splintered off and dissociated from that trauma timeline, and a cording or Astral Binding was now created that connects into that timeline of the event. I can't tell you how many times I've seen someone as a child that has gone through an abuse and their emotional and spiritual development is stunted, the aging process stops at that time of trauma, even as their biological body ages, their emotional and spiritual body just gets stopped or frozen in time. That person who suffered that Trauma may actually have the emotional development of a 8 year old, a 12-year-old in that particular issue because they never healed their inner child from the abuse they suffered from that particular timeline.

So its important to understand how these Timelines work, as when you call back these aspects of Inner Child or Self, your calling back fragments of your Self that have been Soul splintered through those particular timelines, especially when deep wounds like this are left unresolved and unhealed. These create holes, tears and vulnerability in our energy field that attract Entities, generally they can be discarnates, they can be beings that have unresolved issues on the Astral Plane that will actually start to attach to that person because it's a familiar energy vibrating Trauma for them. There are millions of reasons that entities attach to others, sometimes they are from agreement, but most all of these imbalances are created from unhealed Trauma wounds. We create from the Law of Resonance so when our body is resonating at a particular vibration of Trauma wound, then it will attract energies that are resonating at that same Frequency rate. That also will include entities and when entities start getting involved in attaching to the human energy field, then that person will experience feelings of great dense heaviness, depression, oppression, things that take away the natural joy that we have as spiritual beings infused with heart and Soul.

There is a huge connection between these deep Trauma wounds that remain unhealed and over time the wounds are exaggerated and magnified in their painful effects by a 1000, through the entities that the person is now carrying. The more emotional charge that is around the Trauma is the number one issue that leads to addiction problems. So if there are deep wounds, not only emotionally, but also around the Instinctual Mind that has to do with addiction, this wounding is very difficult on the emotional and etheric body of that human being. I just wish we could get this information out to the millions of beings that have addiction problems because if we started clearing the entities alone from the people that have addiction problems, they probably would be relieved by about 60 or 70% of their intense cravings for addictive substances. I can't tell you how many times I've seen people deeply entrenched in problems of wounds or addiction or abuse and a huge percentage of their perceived pain isn't even coming from them, as the individual, it’s actually being filtered in from the airwaves not only from the etheric energies that they're attracting, but the entities that are manipulating it, because if you're not fully in your power as a being, you don't understand this realm in which dark parasitic entities exist.

Soul Fragmentation

The more soul fragmented and damaged a person’s energetic body is operating (or not operating at all) the more distorted the thoughts and behaviors become.

These deviations are manifested as Addictions, perversions and a wide array of damaging personality disorders that can be well observed in the individual as destructive to the self and destructive to others. When one is continually destructive towards the self, or others, eventually the Soul Matrix layers fragment and split. When a human being is soul split, they will exhibit mental confusion and tendencies that are called, schizophrenia, dissociative personality, sociopathy (Lack of Empathy), and an array of psychological distortions that potentially lead to insanity. 

Anomalous Trauma: What Is It?

The term was created in the early 1990′s following several conferences held by Dr. Rima Laibow, PhD., on the Research and Treatment of Experienced Anomalous Trauma. We are using this term to describe unusual experiences such as alien abductions, extraterrestrial contact, mind control, cult abuse and military abductions (MILABS) related to the alien abduction syndrome. Other anomalous trauma experiences include spiritual warfare and near death experiences.

More information about alien abductions, MILABS and alien interference in human interactions is available in the articles section of Eve's Lorgen's website and through her book:

The Love Bite: Alien Interference in Human Love Relationships:   http://evelorgen.com/wp/tag/dark-side-of-cupid/

Many alien abductees and especially those who have experienced some level of military/secret government level of involvement in their experiences, often suffer from PTSD and many anxiety disorders and addictions. In addition to these conditions many have physical health issues such as chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, immune disorders, and gynecological anomalies.

Due to the ostracism, disbelief and denial by mainstream society, medical and psychological professionals use the term anomalous trauma for these syndromes. Treatment for these syndromes is generally geared towards emotional support, validation of the person’s experience, EMDR, counseling and hypnotherapy. Regression hypnosis is a useful tool in recovering amnesiac memories and the easing of PTSD symptoms. Other healing methods include prayer, meditation, relaxation, dream work and lucid dreaming can be useful tools as well.  We caution readers to use discernment when working with "spiritual practitioners" if dealing with these issues!  Please reach out to QUALIFIED individuals who are skilled, and knowledgeable, in these areas when suffering from traumatic events/memories.  

Anomalous Trauma: Types & Definitions:

Alien Abductions & Extraterrestrial Contact
Singular event UFO sightings with an abduction and missing time
Multiple UFO sightings and alien abductions and/or visitations, with or without multi generational family involvement with alien visitations
ET contact with multiple visitations, claims of "benevolent" Space Brothers
ET contact via “dream visitations” and channeled information
Aliens setting up two targeted partners
Aliens breaking up and/or disrupting a love relationship
Human/Military setting up or breaking up two “abductees or milabs”
Unseen cult influences to set up/arrange a relationship or marriage
Military Abductions (MILABS)
Alien abductees intermittently taken by human military or “secret government” for interrogation purposes about alien contacts
Alien abductees sheep dipped and trained as operatives under mind control for “secret government” or intelligence agencies
Military abductees with no alien contacts. This may involve the “super warriors” under mind control used as covert agents for intelligence or military agencies
Spiritual Warfare
Malevolent alien visitations and attacks, such as Greys, Reptilians, Draconians
Demonic attacks such as incubi, succubus and vampiristic attached entities
Attacks by “hosted” human beings, black magicians, sorcerers
Exorcisms, Deliverance and Spirit Releasement experiences 
Alien versus Demonic 
Cult Abuse
Satanic Ritual Abuse 

Illuminati Bloodline family cults
UFO Channeling Cults
CIA Cult Families
MK-ULTRA and Monarch Mind Control victimization
Miscellaneous Cults
Near Death Experiences
Traumatic illnesses, or life threatening events which take the person to the other side and back. They may be positive, frightening or just plain shocking.

Satanic Ritual Abuse (SRA) and Satanic Forces

Satanism is based on the manipulation of energy and consciousness through Mind Control, deception, possession and is many times ritual based SRA.  Satanism is promoted on the earth through the Archontic Deception Strategy Mind Control by enforcing those anti-life behaviors as a value system within humanity. These deeply sick rituals (such as Blood Sacrifice in war and killing, Pedophilia, etc.) create an energy field, a vibrational frequency, which connects the consciousness of the participants to the NAA group (i.e. reptilians) and other Consciousness energies in the lower fourth dimension. This is the dimensional field, also known as the lower astral to many people, which resonates to the frequency of low vibrational emotions like fear, guilt, shame, hatred and so on. When a SRA ritual focuses these emotions, as Satanism does, a powerful connection is made with the lower fourth dimension, the NAA, Fallen Angelics or Reptilians. These are some of the 'demons' which these rituals have been designed to summon and feed since the NAA invasion occurred. Sex (especially lustful and disconnected sex) is a major way in which demonic oppression can be passed from one person to another, this is why they promote the Sexual Misery program as much as possible.

The term Imposter Spirit is the Luciferian or Satanic Spirit which promotes false light authority and anti-life architecture through deception, lies of omission, manipulation with malice to promote intentional harm, death or destruction to serve its selfish personal agenda. These anti-life belief systems are the basis which forms the Negative Ego and was manifested out of the predator mind of the NAA and Orion Group.

Satanic Agenda

Mind Control frequencies and forms of Electronic harassment generate bio-neurological impairment in the human body, which reverse and confuse brain signals. The Satanic agenda is to reverse human neurological functioning by conditioning the person to create and feel pain in order to activate their pleasure centers. The cycle of interconnection made between pain and pleasure centers is reinforced and conditioned into the Bio-Neurology non-stop, which escalates into harmful addictions or deviant behaviors. When we pay attention and we care about what is happening to the planet and people, we will begin to clearly see an agenda designed to assault and damage the human nervous system. If we are more aware of how the neurological functions in our body are related to our mental and emotional states, then we are equipped to take control over the direction of our thoughts and emotions. Then we can open and train our neural pathways to receive direct messages from our higher consciousness bodies, the Soul-Spirit Self, overriding the messaging from the Three Layers of Ego that are the main frequency spectrums used in Electronic harassment and Mind Control.

Satan is a Colossal Parasite

It is true that Satanic forces have spread aggressively on the earth through the NAA's promotion of Satanic Ritual Abuse, militarization and Violent Religions. Through this Archontic Deception Strategy they have commandeered many of the earthly material forces. This has happened largely because it remains hidden through deception, and humans are unaware that they have been allowing it to happen. This is what alien machinery is, an artificial intelligence that is designed to consume the energy of the earthly forces, including the life force of human beings. It is important to remember that Satanic and Luciferian hierarchies are nothing more than parasites. They need this creation to exist and they exalt themselves in their parasitism and possession of humanity and the earth. They inherently hate humans and desire to spread agony and misery, as they feed on human pain. As we free our mind from alien mind control and alien gods, we must remember this important point as a part of developing our strength and purity. As spiritually mature humans, we have to rise from the invaders terrorist ideology of human persecution and know that we are divine humans connected to eternal truth and eternal light through the God self within.[2] Humanity holds the power of that truth spirit of God inside each of us. Each person must claim this truth and never let it go or give it up to anything or anyone. The truth spirit has the power to liberate these Fallen Angelics, earthly forces, and Imposter forces from their bondage to the prison wardens, the Satanist and Luciferian forces of the NAA.

Insanity or Hell Realms

Insanity is a description of the existence of hell realms, and is how to easily recognize possession through satanic (anti-life) behaviors that are controlled by the possessing entity. (The possessing entity can also be hijacking the negative alien body.) The Negative Aliens alien body’s hive mind is controlled by the satanic “spirit” who is trolling for bodies to experience certain realities.

Entities both human and non-human that possess others bodies are referred to as satanic or anti–life forces, as no other type of light being will choose to possess the body and control the free will of another being. A Christos (life force) being never will take over another’s body or attempt to control any person to propagate destructive acts. However, the Christos being is the only being that can deliver any entity from its satanic bondage back into the heart of the God Source creator, if it is so divinely orchestrated....

Satanic (anti-life) behaviors in humans and non-humans are a result of being soul disconnected, of which as a result they consume and exist on other people’s soul and vital energies. With this clarity there is nothing to fear about deviant behavior when it is understood that these entities are completely disconnected from the eternal soul. Hence their extreme hatred is generated towards people that are fully ensouled or at spiritual stages leading towards the Christos embodiment. The Eternal Soul of Christ is the only way the bondage of servitude to the dark forces is permanently removed. It is for this reason all representations of Christ on earth have been aggressively distorted to grotesque mutations by the Controllers. This has no bearing on what the actual Truth is as the Law is to be revealed in the Eternal Light.

Disassociated from Killing

To understand the polarity of the world of forces on earth and identify how Satanic force methods are used every day to destroy the feeling heart and soul of human beings, the first priority is to disassociate human beings from feeling remorse by killing which creates psychopaths. The first Archontic Deception Behavior is Disassociation and Narcissism: Humanity is disconnected from life through repeated traumas and abuse which create split personalities that develop defense mechanisms and perversions to cope. The rampant defense mechanism caused from soul-heart damage is ego Narcissism. Dissociative behaviors cultivate sociopaths and psychopaths, many of which replicate feelings of expression because they can no longer feel from spiritual disconnection and Soul Fragmentation. This weakness allows for easy satanic binding and manipulation. This is especially progressed in the practice of violent religions, whereby killing is done in the name of God. Psychopaths have little to no care about life, causing pain and killing is done with methodical delight or heartless efficiency.[5]Obviously, violence and killing are introduced into society in a variety of ways through the Archontic Deception Strategy as acceptable or necessary behavior, whether it is considered appropriate for enforcing liberty or territory in wars, enforced programs of genocide, or killing life forms (animals, plants, natural kingdom) without any regard for life, remorse or consequence toward action.

Spiritually Abusive Behavior

To understand the polarity of the world of forces on earth and identify how satanic force methods are used every day to destroy the feeling heart and soul of human beings, let’s review both sides of spiritually healthy behaviors (GSF=God, Sovereign, Free) and spiritually abusive behaviors (AD=Archontic Deception). Spiritually healthy behaviors naturally connect one with God Source and Christ and are God-Sovereign-Free or GSF Behaviors. Spiritually abusive behaviors such as SRA disconnect you from God and Christ and are promoted in the Archontic Deception Behavior or AD behaviors.

False Ascension Matrix

The Satanic and Luciferian forces primarily use the Astral Plane to manipulate humanity in a variety of ways to become soul bound or stuck in the astral realm. The Astral Plane of planet earth has a False White Lightwebbing, called the false navel False Umbilicus of the False Ascension Matrix (synthetic or dead white light in the astral plane), which for most of us undergoing soul matrix embodiment, will reach a point in our ascension that we are required to reset and expand our navel and solar plexus in order to embody our organic frequency, our Soul Matrix and Monad eternal Light Bodies.


If the person desires to manifest Satanic forces into the material world and into their life, they would use Black Magic or SRA practices to house the demons and the forces that exist in the lowest realms, such as hell realms, underworld or phantom. When creating a black house structure, it is designed to house demonic, satanic and negative entities, usually as a trade exchange for receiving earthly power or material possessions. Demonics or Imposter Spirits will trade knowledge or power in some way in exchange for the person's Soul light or life force energy, or blood or sexual sacrifices, which results in astral bindings, attachment cords, that are connected to these lower spiritual entities that continue to parasitize the human's energy field. When a person becomes in consent with Satanic forces, they are agreeing to be in servitude and binding to the will of these lower primitive forces, which will continue to access energetic bindings of that person throughout the current identity and into the death process. Many people do not realize when they conjure demonics or satanic forces, they invite in Negative Aliens also, who will take advantage of that person through implants, siphoning, and a host of other issues concerning access to their human energy field or Lightbody. When a human is in consent with Satanic forces they lose their spiritual sovereignty, and become in servitude to these forces, in earthly life and death. Once these entities are invited into the human body, they do not want to leave. Over time, they take over the mind and body to increase pain, will trick the person's mind continually with delusions, may haunt and torment the person into black depression, addiction and misery, and they can be hard to get rid of and clear from the body. These types of Black Magic practices easily lead to partial or full possession of the human body from other world spirits, human or non human identities that leech inside the body or stay attached to that person's energy field. Many people on the earth today that are very negative, violent, feel miserable and play out negative emotional dramas repeatedly, are suffering from Soul Fragmentation and have an satanic force attachment(s) or Possession.

NRG Implants

Alien Implants and Alien Machinery are used in key areas of the planet to instruct the human nervous system to release chi energies and body parts to be given to this network (NRG Grids) for siphoning and [to be used as] control over the population. Genetic history plays a part in the type of implant or level of psychic/energetic harassment one receives from this network.

Identified Implants: Fleur De Lis artifacts, distorted DNA Seed Code artifacts, distorted Arc Codes, Vesica Pisces implant, breeder implants, vampire and predator implants, sexual energy genetic “crasher or stealer of code” implants, (when someone has sex with someone like a one night stand, this is very common that the “vampire” is being used to “read, decipher or steal” Indigo/Star people coding), reversal polarity of sexual fluids - like semen or ovum, (gender confusion - sometimes this creates extreme pain with a person feeling like a man trapped in a women’s body, etc.), genetic experiments on the genitals either current or as a soul history memory, genital mutilation in the etheric body, massive amounts of etheric semen from astral and etheric rapes (in both women and men), genital plugs (etheric penis plug or lingham in rectum or vagina), “burn mark brands”, (like branding cattle), clamps or metal structures “blocking” organic energies from opening in the energy body and moving up the vertical channel (this is so they can drain the energy from the root/perineum and prevent it from coming out of the crown, which makes it harder for them to yield the energy they want), etheric weapons (knives, cleavers, etc. in the genitals).

Implants Behavior Profile: In the application of a NRG coded implant, its mechanism acts like a “tick” or “leech” that burrows itself deeper into the lower areas of the astral body, mostly into the 2nd chakra and into the Instinctual Response functions of the central nervous system. From the 2nd level of layer “infection” - if the addiction becomes severe over time (repetitive destructive response to external stimulus) it eventually embeds itself deeper into the matrix of the body. A False webwork (like a film or spider web), is an overlay on the nervous system (sections become infected until the entire system is infected) winds up the spinal cord and will have a trigger implant placed in the back of the head and neck. Once the implant is fully embedded and operational, severe addiction and mood swings occur as the target becomes more “bi-polar”. This area is the atomic doorway, the 9th Chakra, where the inner spirit light reflects out of the eyes. That light will die or become dead in the eyes after this implant takes over the body. The implant is a reptilian brain implant that is placed in the structure of the brain stem via the medulla oblongata.... it attaches through the two pyramids that contain the motor fibers that pass from the brain to the medulla oblongata. This area in the base of the brain is called the “Decussation of the Pyramids”. Since this area controls motor fibers – it controls the stimulus and information flow throughout the Central Nervous System. This is how these Reptilian implants work, they stimulate the nervous system with artificial stimulus systems to control the nerves/transmitters to promote whatever “energy”, or emotional state or addiction state they want to remain in the “target”. Since motor neurons control the flow of neurotransmitters to the brain, as well as muscle twitches, in this way they can stimulate responses of rage, anger, anxiety, agitation, addiction (or rape or hurting another person) for whatever they are culling. After repeated manipulations of use on the target - the control system moves to the Parietal Lobe to block sensory responses of awareness or cognition. The person is now “locked in a 3D window” and cannot perceive anything outside of that window of perception. The Parietal Lobe may be “caged” or sensory function is controlled by the manipulating entity. This is how holographic inserts of projected images can be controlled to the perception of the human being. This is how the masses are controlled, put to sleep or “mind slided”. 
(As an example, if a human is abducted or astrally raped – the entity programs a reality dream of happy serenity with something or someone the person relates to as a positive subject at that time/space the person was violated. However, if one pays attention they can ask if this was artificially placed. Many times something will feel “ off” and if the answer is yes, one can regress the subject to that timeline or reveal the real memory recorded in the cellular system in order to surface the pain and release and heal the damage. All damage can be healed this way – what we repress or deny can hurt your body.)

This implant “tick” function will impulse “addiction” symptoms for a multitude of reasons, mostly to continue the destructive behavior into multiple repetitions to imbed deeper into the target. The more you repeat the destructive action, the closer you are to “invasion to possession” by a Reptilian force. Once invaded you are a slave and automaton to be used by these groups. Generally a person unknowingly influenced by these implants will be driven to “obsession”, an obsession for whatever the addictive substance is. If the addiction is sexual in nature, the tick will continue to burrow itself in the astral/soul body to collect more of it. When this mechanism is in full swing, the person is haunted and driven by cravings that they feel they cannot control. All severe addictions on the planet are caused by these severe soul fragmentation(s) caused by astral body splitting and therefore damage to the nervous system (nadial system and energy receivers) and later the brain itself. Therefore all addiction can be ultimately healed by soul fiber and nadial plexus repair to reorganize the central nervous system. Since the person is his/her most powerful healer and this information has been hidden from the masses, it creates a block in healing addiction problems for many. People do not understand the causation of severe addiction is entity possession promoted by this most harmful network and their own submission to the system.

Network and Implant administration: Golums were created to collect the energy in people or at the NRG center tributaries of collecting energy from the planet. There seems to be a special kind of Golum that works in direct alliance with “sexual predator” energy, as it maximizes the yield by numbers of targets or deviant levels of behavior that yield the numbers they want. Their networks are heavily involved with various levels of pornography, especially child pornography. They feed on black magic reversals so much of their playing field includes extreme levels of depravity. Because sexual energy can be rapidly stolen by raping another, this is prevalent, and sodomy is used to humiliate another for this reason. Through my observance – at this time – I have only witnessed males with this particular “possession”. The sexual predator “golum” is a brown/greyish flat faced reptoid with no lips. Its mouth is roundish and it has pointed razor sharp teeth that it will “bare” when seen. This is like a dog who snarls at you and bares its teeth to provoke aggression (shark like. These golums are seen like transparent overlays on the human being, males in my observance. The males I have seen with these possessions are unaware this is attached to them and using them. The males I have seen with these possessions are primarily Anunnaki hybrids, Nephilim bloodlines and are generally the “wealthy and privileged patriarchal dominate or alpha male”. In most cases the male is sexually addicted and seeks as many women to have sex with as possible. Most of these males border to misogyny and looking at women first as sexual objects rather than any other redeeming qualities of personal character.

NRG Remedies: Knowing this structure exists is the most powerful form of terminating its influence over your body and your consciousness. Do not be afraid of it. Personal Shielding [See: 12D Shield], commanding your space [See: GSF] and stopping addictive behaviours from controlling you, or allowing yourself to be an automaton, will not allow this parasite into your body. This particular system is more geared to addiction and sexual deviance, so becoming aware of what it is to heal it, clear it and be free of shame, guilt and the many permutations of sexual misery will be very helpful to pinpoint the problem and surface them with honesty, disclosure and non-judgment. Those of us that are etheric surgeons also - by knowing this exists - will be able to identify the culprits and help to free people from this type of enslavement to addiction and misery. 

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