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12 Practices of Self Awareness

God-Sovereign-Free (GSF)

We hope the below tools of 12 Practices of Self Awareness and GSF Behavior model is inspiring, supportive and helpful. 

12 PRACTICES OF SELF AWARENESS: Meditate and give attention to these twelve areas to practice better personal self awareness and to discipline the Negative Ego and Pain Body. When you are self aware you are INFORMED and CLEAR and you are less prone to Mind Control and related levels of Archontic Deception Behavior. What we endeavor at this time is to move away from inner confusion and move towards discovering inner clarity.

As we develop Self Awareness which is the knowledge of the Self, we are developing the right relationship to the Self, and thus we can better develop our relationship with God Source. We cannot know the highest expression of our nature, until we know the deepest inner contents of our own being. Self study is self mastery and is the pathway to expanding Consciousness.

12 Practices: 



Learn to practice acceptance and adaptability to where you find yourself in your life right now. Believe in a Higher Power and a purpose greater than your Self. Be willing to choose something else and invite other possibilities into your life. Let go of needing to be right, needing to be hurt and accept the circumstances and people involved, right where they are now.

Archetypes of Drama

Deepening the awareness and observation of our self as we identify the archetypes and characters that run around in our mental ideas and personality that we show the world. These characters are the key players in creating your emotional drama reactions and their sabotaging behavior patterns. We can especially use the Victimizer Archetypes and Victimizer Collective Archetypes to identify, locate and remove and repair (ILRR) obsolete and harmful archetypes of drama and trauma, from running our lives in our present, past and future. Get them out of the driver’s seat of the Negative Ego and hand the authority over to your Avatar Christ self. Resign from the Mind Control matrix by forfeiting the archetypes of drama as a governing authority over your identity. Using archetypes for drama is a type of entertainment for most people, whether they admit it or not. One must choose peace in their life, if they truly want to live in peace.


Where do you focus your attention? Where you focus your attention is what you make your priority. Mastering your focus is mastering your freedom. Meditation is the skill of focusing 100% of your energy and attention in one specific area in the present moment. How long can you sustain your focused attention in one area through meditation?

Compassionate Witness

Through the sustained state of the neutral observer one becomes the point of god’s light dispensed as loving compassion through your body and into the world and towards others. This is the Compassionate Witness. The Power of Compassion is directed naturally by the intelligent design of God’s Living Essence when embodied in a human that has achieved a neutral observer mode. This living essence heals bodies, changes Timelines (elevates outcomes), reveals deception, activates light-body, retrieves soul fragments and connects to the Universal Mind’s Pure Genius in order to resolve all energetic conflict between parties. Intelligently designed to create Unification, its core essence seeks to resolve, reconcile, rehabilitate and harmonize.

Confront Beliefs

When we are distressed or embroiled in emotional conflicts with others or within circumstances, confront the belief that is creating the pain or distress inside you. What is the thought or belief that is limiting, destructive or creating pain in you? Confront that thought and its belief now in your Pain Body. How do you react and feel towards that thought? Is that thought absolutely the factual truth and are you being completely honest with yourself? Who are you if you decide to give up this thought? What thought can you replace that is truly empowering you to move away from that pain and choose something else?

Emotional Balance

Ask to inquire on the inner study of your emotions. The state of one’s emotions determine what kind of experience we are having. It is us that determines the quality of our relationships and the quality of our life by the emotions we are feeling. Our emotions and their lower drives are extremely powerful forces in our lives. Our unresolved emotional conflicts and their fears will keep us from doing the things we love and sabotage our spiritual growth. Our spiritual growth is directly related to our emotional balance. This is why ascension is 99% emotional healing. One must resolve emotional conflicts, wounds, inner fears and pain in order to grow the self-awareness required to become conscious to participate with the spiritual bodies. The Soul is the true emotional body, to recover her we must heal her.


To forgive another person or circumstance is the most generous thing one can do for yourself. When we forgive others for perceived transgressions it frees us from the bonds, entanglements and cords which manifest painful patterns such as judgments, resentments, and anger. Forgiving yourself is the most important action one can take to clearing self-sabotaging bonds of victimhood and their painful wounds.


Be sure to pay attention to those things in your life that you are grateful for. Give thanks in your heart and verbally to others. When you learn to give your mind a new interpretation of your reality, you begin to see an entirely different world. With this practice of giving gratitude for our lives, we become aware of our personal stories, point of view, emotional states and our power to create. Giving gratitude creates happiness in our heart.


Practice finding the impeccability to align fully with your words, thoughts, emotions and deeds. Find the point of power in every circumstance by finding the neutral place of observation. Practice neutral when communicating with other people and pay attention to strong opinions or judgments that may surface. It is you that will pay heavily for those strong opinions or judgments. Find neutrality to learn integrity within the self.

Quiet the Mind

Stopping the Internal Dialogue. Developing a skills set of directed focus along with quieting the mind to stop the incessant chatter of internal dialogue is required for self-awareness and inner spiritual connection. Can you be a listener rather than a talker? Stop, listen and determine what the message, sensations and feelings mean to you from being internally and externally in complete silence. The Universe is speaking to you in the silence through subtle sensations. What is it saying to you?

Recovering Personal Power

Our personal power is to choose our inner resonance and act upon our guidance regardless what others think or say. We have an extraordinary amount of it at our disposal based upon the choices we make in our perception and the attitudes that we have at every moment. Unfortunately without self-awareness or clarity of purpose, we unknowingly waste our energies and personal power on self-sabotaging agreements. Bring your awareness to every word that comes out of your mouth, and every thought in your mind. Be aware of the congruency of living in alignment to the words you speak. If one learns to be in their personal power and truth, this state of being will teach one to see clearly the agreements that others live by as well. Being in your personal power means that you allow others to choose to be in their personal power also.

Sphere of Influence

This is to pay attention to the impact of one’s personal energies, auric field and body upon others and the environment. As your spiritual growth and bodies expand consciousness, your sphere of influence in the world will also expand. Observe the impact of your light bodies, frequency upon the environment, nature, animals, and other people. As you sense these energetic impacts one may work with these energies to step them down or step them up in natural harmony with the environment. As you become in harmony with the environment, one can become transparent to the group energies which allows the self-organized source light to naturally harmonize the environment and others around you. This brings forth a peaceful, loving and compassionate state of being, as the natural sphere of your influence upon the world.

GSF Behavior

When we are in energetic balance with ourselves, we are in balance with our spiritual self, our heart and we cease to have great personal turmoil or suffering. This is how we become increasingly healthy and peaceful. When we are emotionally healthy and peaceful we are able to access our spiritual self and heart intelligence easily. So this is to comprehend our natural spiritual-energetic state of being is one of emotional balance, inner peace, health and connection with Life. This state is not dependent on the external outcomes and can be experienced even when others around you and the world are undergoing great turmoil. To improve peace in a largely dysfunctional world, we may require attitudinal behavior guidelines which help us to overcome the insanity of the Archontic Deception and their anti-life forces which abuse its mechanism. Once a person becomes self aware they can more easily apply the following GSF Behavior in their day to day activities and lifestyle:

God-Sovereign-Free Behavior (GSF):

1. Empathy and Compassion 2. Mental Openness 3. Emotional Stability 4. Responsibility 5. Honesty 6. Sovereignty 7. Reality Assessment 8. Unified Cooperation

Self Esteem

Self Esteem is the value of a person’s worth and there are a lot of factors that come into play, especially in helping a person fell more confident about himself, which is also a primary factor in establishing a person’s outlook towards personal inspiration and feeling as a success. On the spiritual Ascension pathway, recognizing the importance of character building as a necessary part of having self love and self acceptance is critical to progress through self deception blocks. When we have low self esteem our psychological defense mechanisms will act to block our progress moving forward and evolving in life. One who understands they are a loved and worthy spiritual vessel for the spirit of God Source, will begin to learn that self love is at the core of self acceptance which is the quality one must build to truly feel and experience God's love for all of us. Once we feel love for ourselves we build inner confidence which further builds our trust with life.

Maintaining Energetic Balance

Self Inquiry, Self Awareness and Meditation to connect with our inner spirit, and make improvements every day to choose greater peace as a lifestyle.
Surrender to what is in the now moment and increase personal Humility by choosing to be non confrontational and live in the principle of Harmlessness.
Pay attention to the now moment, learn when to take action and when to be still, be true to you. Listen to the Spirit of Conservation to not waste or dissipate your energies.
Apply Accountability and Self-Responsibilit
y to your words, behaviors, and actions.

To assist you with integrating a more positive NOW SELF we have provided the following meditation suggestion for you.  You may also use the individual affirmations, as a daily practice, by writing each one on a separate paper, placing them in a bowl and randomly picking one a day through the source of your heart intention to support you as as a divine spirit of God force.  We have further placed a link below where you can print off this NOW SELF INTEGRATION package for you personal use. 

Now Self Affirmations for Integration

 1. Clear Personality Influences

Now Self
Other Selves
Collective Mind
All Combinations
Mind Slides
Mind Control
Replace Organic

2. Now Self Integration Package

I AM the Power, Master and Cause of My Emotions.
I AM the Power, Master and Cause of My Mind.
I AM Comfortable with my Body, Within and Without.
I AM Integrated, Whole and Balanced.
I AM Responsible for Choices that are for my Greater Purpose. I AM in Flow with Life.
I AM Gods Perfect Expression. I express myself with Ease and Clarity.
I AM Worthy to Receive Love, Appreciation and Abundance as God Intended.
I AM Blessed and Content with my Life. I AM Living my Highest Purpose.
I AM filled with Appreciation and Gratitude For All Things in My Life.
I AM the Eternal Self and I Know Who I AM.
I AM Committed to the Expansion of Consciousness of Myself and the Planet.
I AM Aligned and Attuned to Mother/Father God and Allow that Love to Flow through Me.
I AM experiencing Benevolent Healing. I Trust in my personal relationship with God.
I AM Safe, Protected and Supported by God, in every area of my life.
I AM Divinely Guided, Accepted and Loved. I AM Included in God’s Plan of Love, Light and Power.
I AM Unique and Honor my Special Skills and abilities in Service to Others.
I AM a Valuable Person. I Value my Time and Energy, as my Path is important.
I AM the Source of my Abundance. I Focus my Love to Multiply God’s Goodness in myself and others.
I AM Abundantly provided for when I follow my Heart and Highest Purpose.
I AM Releasing the Old and Embracing the New, I Cast my burden to God.
I AM Innocent. I Forgive myself Totally and Completely.
I AM always in the Right Place at the Right Time.
I AM Willing to see the Truth and go Beyond the Shadow of Fear.
I AM totally Congruent with my Spirit and Divine Purpose.
I AM Able to Receive more Love and Abundance, every day and in every way.
I AM A Success! I Allow myself to Feel and Experience my Success.
I AM Integrity. I speak the Truth in the Integrity of the Light.
I AM Gods Promise of Freedom, Liberation and Truth. I AM the Eternal Living Light.
I AM Congruent, Consistent, Centered and Responsible in all Aspects of My Life.
I AM Clarity, I AM making Evolutionary Choices that bring the Highest Expression to All.
I AM God. I AM Sovereign. I AM Free! I AM Unity!
I Accept the Male and Female within Me. I AM Perfect Balance.
I AM the Cosmic Sovereign Law Made Manifest. I AM the Cosmic Christ!

3. Instructions

Say this verbal Affirmation 3x at several intervals during your day. If more than one Affirmation has been given, rotate them in the sequence given.
Meditate with the coded Affirmation, and infuse it within your heart chakra.
Write the affirmation on paper and post it in your daily living area, work space or mirror. Look at it often. Intend to induct the integration package into your energy field. (For a minimum of 21 days)
Ask Guidance to view any Mind Control Obstacles to your Integration Package, and further, to release, memory, pain and constructs blocking your body, mind, emotions and spirit from its highest purposes.
When you feel process is complete, Thank and Release Guidance invited into your session to support healing Integration Package.
Sleep state will generate Integration Package for the Now Self. Set this intention before bedtime.

Click here for the downloadable version of the above affirmations for Now Self Integration: