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LISA RENEE is the founder of Energetic Synthesis.  Lisa Renee experienced a spontaneous "kundalini" event several years ago that catalyzed a “Starseed Awakening" to perceive multidimensional realities and communication with the Evolutionary forces of Light. Lisa Renee has been personally contacted and then prepared, trained and downloaded by Interdimensional beings (Extra-terrestrial and Ultra-terrestrial, not from this Universe) known as the Melchizedek and Aurora Guardians. Guided by Guardians, Lisa was biologically upgraded to be downloaded to comprehend the Science of Ascension through the Law of One and its dynamics upon the layers of energy fields. This understanding of Consciousness Technologies was experienced by her own personal evolution and began her transition into an Multidimensional Guide and God-Sovereign-Free (GSF) Steward during this Planet’s Ascension Cycle. She is an Emissary for the Guardian Groups and a spokesperson for the shift of humanity to "Ascension".

Along with the Guardian Groups, her mission is to support humanity through its evolution with education, awareness and by discussing the impacts of the energy shifts upon the planet, human beings and human consciousness. She is an Ascension Guide, Planet Gridworker, Starseed Advocate, Spiritual mentor, Writer, and Etheric surgeon. She writes a monthly column for the Ascension Timeline called Shifting Timelines. Additionally she has just completed the Hieros Gamos System manual, which is an empowered self mastery system, a self focused training manual for any being desiring spiritual freedom to be their own etheric surgeon. 

 I cannot tell you enough how appreciative I am that you are here in this space now and are on the planet contributing to the Ascension process and healing of the whole human species. (..and many other life forms!)

If you are reading this message it is not by accident…. as it holds a very specific frequency that attracts the energetic resonance of a Starseed or Indigo Soul. You see, it takes one to know one, and we are all waking up en masse on the planet now during this Ascension Cycle.

Starseeds have agreed to participate directly during this time in the human species evolution as the Heavenly Hosts of Ascension.  There are many reasons for this, of which volumes of material have been provided on this website as an educational resource for you. As you may have guessed, we have quite a job to do Hosting out the many Guests embodied here on the 3D Planet Earth. And well, how can I say this? The goal was to at least get clear enough of the implants, suppressions, entities and programming to bring us to a level of semi-conscious remembrance in order to be more interactive with our soul purposes and those serving the Light Forces of Transformation.

These Light Forces are our Star families, those soul families that have been hidden from us here in this dense plane for an incredibly long time. They are Us as we are Them. We have missed them terribly as they have missed us, and the mysterious aching in our hearts has been present to this fact for just as long as we can remember. I would like to welcome you back to home, my dear families of the Starseed and Indigo Races. We are the Beings that serve the Cosmic Trinity of One and uphold its Universal Laws through the principles of our creation by maintaining the self sovereignty for the whole. We are finally ready to remember who we are and be at home again. We are in this together as One!

We still have a lot of waking up to do to remember why we came here and who we really are! Now is the time we are recognizing each other to build the Light Networks and the groundwork it takes to create the new paradigm of Higher Consciousness as the Divine Multidimensional Humans. We are anchoring the frequency hubs on the planet in order to hold the New Energies of Integration. The emerging New Era of Human Consciousness is here and the quantum leaps of evolution that impact the human species forever is happening now!  

This has been quite an amazing journey, one of which I feel entirely blessed to have survived it physically, mentally and emotionally in order to be integrated at such level to bring this information to you. I thought no one on this planet would ever believe this has happened to me, as early on I even did not believe it had happened to me. A Starseed Awakening story is better then any science fiction book or movie you could ever see. A Master in the Making is what We All Are, and I will share everything you want to know about the Ascension process and more. Sometimes the information will not be pretty and it is important to learn how to feel the energetic resonance of the material and learn to discern your own truth in the face of information that may provoke you in new ways. The Universe will always support your Truth, as You Are the Revelation!

Please use this information I have provided for your own empowerment and discard anything you do not resonate with.

This is all about your Truth, and the building of your personal evolutionary pathway to Ascension. Each one of us is unique with a very specific divine mission, soul purpose and puzzle piece. Honor your divine mission while you honor mine. There is not a “one size fits all” in the Ascension Plan. This is a play of such cosmic proportion much more vast, unimaginable and perfectly bizarre than we could ever comprehend at this human level. However we are more significant, magnificent and impactful then we ever dared imagine either. Use this material to find your inner power and be who you really are in the worlds. Blast your inner light, Shine away with no holding back!

Lisa Renee's Story:

I am an Awakened Starseed. I had no idea this topic of Ascension and Starseeds would become my Soul Purpose, Inspired Passion and pervade every waking moment of my adult life. It took me awhile to figure this out which began with the onset of an intense kundalini activation over several years ago. I had large kundalini waves consecutively for months on end of which no one ever mentioned could happen from the process of just “meditating” in my bedroom. (Later I found out this was in my soul agreement to learn by direct experience with no physical plane teachers, only inner plane teachers but I had to learn how to communicate with them first!)

I was such a newbie that I had no idea of the level of what was happening to me and that kundalini could be actually dangerous. I had no one to talk to or had been given any spiritual information at that time.  I did not know that the hours and hours of meditation I was doing was bringing more energy in and that without redirecting it that I could fry myself. (So I did!)  I was not aware of how spiritually protected I actually was when I felt more alone and isolated then ever. I did not have the Ascension tools yet - I could not talk directly to my guides, had no knowledge of yoga breathing or supplementation as I do now. I had Kundalini Flames flying out of distorted burned out chakra centers that eventually had my head hair fall out and cause bleeding sores oozing from my skin. This morphing happened to create an identity crisis in me so most of these bleeding cysts manifested on my face. (I did manage to pull off the art of special effects (fx) and deserved an academy award for the concealing of my poor skin so I would not scare small children while in public!)  It was quite a humiliating sight and I became unrecognizable to myself. Somehow I made it to work at a desk job as a tax accountant while this was going on. I admit I have humor and appreciation for this now but at the time I was pretty devastated.

This all brought on an intense “dark night of the soul” phase and unquenchable thirst for inner truth seeking. I sequestered myself for nearly 3 years, meditating, praying, invocating and asking questions from my bathrobe which would be sometimes answered and sometimes not. Subsequently a deep devotion to God/Oneness emerged from my heart with the commitment to dedicating myself to service. I declared my intention to commit to my soul and told God out loud that I was willing to do what it takes to be a Knower of my Divine Purpose.  And THIS is what showed up!

I was then introduced to a Spiritual Hierarchy that would be train me in phases depending on my current level of education needed for my development. There were different Masters and Guides initiating me into different levels, they gave me instruction through various impulses and had me read certain books for further activation or reference material. The very first book they guided me to read was The Ascension Manual by Joshua David Stone. I nearly fainted with glee and cried with remembrance when details and names were shown to me as from my long lost family the Ascended Masters. I was absolutely relieved that there was someone else on the planet that talked like me and knew of the same beings I experienced!

These Planetary Ascended Masters took me through the dimensional planes of human consciousness and taught me about Spiritual Ascension and the Human Being’s Multidimensional Anatomy. During supposed sleep time or sleep state, I would be ushered off to Inner plane training centers, downloaded and subject to etheric surgery upgrades and reconnections 24/7.  Clearly my Evolution teams had quite the task here and had the job getting me reassembled and prepared for my multidimensional mission.   ( And I am ever so grateful to my loving Teams!)

I say “supposed” sleep time because with the Triad sleep pattern of being woken up every few hours to look at a Master number on the digital clock, it did not feel like I was getting any “sleep” time. Many times I would wake up to see the alarm clock flashing at 1:11, 2:22, 3:33, 5:55. When I had to get out of bed it was difficult as it felt like I was up studying all night long or battling demons across the Universe. Sometimes I would wake up in the middle of the night with such things as ticker tape hieroglyphic sheets running through my head, Light packets downloading on a cord from deep space into my 3rd eye, or Extremely Thin and Tall Beings standing in a circle around my bed.

During this time at the age of 33 I felt like I was the 80 year old equivalent of myself and felt embarrassed by my constant fatigue, illness and blood shot eyes. In those days staying awake during the day was hard work! Thank god I seemed mostly invisible to others and most people kept comments and interaction with me to a bare minimum. I was relieved as I just wanted to go home and hide away in my bedroom and frolic away with the Guides and learn how to comprehend just what the heck was happening to me. I knew I had to find the language to describe this even if just to myself what exactly was going on. During this time I did not talk or see my 3D biological family for over 2 years as I was involved in a heavy study program.

The Masters instituted a disciplined curriculum to reprogram my 3rd dimensional conscious mind and my negative ego. (I call this the “personality program” as it is a function of our human conscious mind and ego system.) I had to be drastically prepared and bio-energetically rewired to be outfitted with the translation devices necessary to communicate and read the Galactic levels of the Language of Light. I had to cultivate better energetic discernment, perfect surrender and trust listening to inner guidance, develop increased Higher Sensory perceptions which allowed for the reading of energetic signatures. This included bouts of psychic attack from dark entities of which the Masters would not protect me directly so I could learn to defend myself.  It was pretty austere and I did rebel in the beginning stages. I had to leave the 3D lifestyle and appeared impaired, sick and just plain weird or scary to other 3D people.  It took a while for my bodies to get to the level where I could communicate with the Councils without a lot of physical discomforts from the downloads, processing and integrating in the interim.  Sometimes I was in the prone position or passed out on the couch or in my bed for days.  Later, they explained the capacity to translate 12 D Light Coding and above would take an in depth transmutation processes to alchemically shift my 3D biology from carbon based matter to progressively less states of density. It is an ongoing process that continues for me now and for all of us on the planet at this time at varying degrees or level.  

I was first introduced to the Sirian Lodge in May 2001 during my first cosmic initiation and serious download of dimensional access codes and light packets.  I had a full body orgasmic experience and felt myself swimming in the Heart of the Ocean of Love, pure bliss!   I thought everyone would have this experience when they got to the 5th plane and was surprised later to find out this cognition is quite rare if it does happen. I came back from this experience with the Sirian Lodge with an inscribed star language “device” merged on my right arm from mid bicep to out past my right hand and extending beyond my right middle finger. I drew this “Rod of Initiation” device on paper of which I have not seen anything anywhere like it even still. At this time I still did not realize I was a walk in hybrid and a Sirian Council Incarnate Member. They waited much later until I was ready to handle it. I still was getting used to the idea that ET’s were everywhere and involved with humanity on every level, and not yet ready to hear that I was one too!  

In 2002 a Christed ET Group, called the Arcturians took me on their Lightship and showed me a Beautiful Color Holographic Image of my body being re-patterned and rewoven through its multidimensional layers. I knew it had something to do with DNA activation but I still had no idea what all of that meant to human consciousness. It was a very sweet experience and I remember we all were laughing a lot. Later I found out they were showing me my future destiny in working with the QXCI and I did not yet realize it. Right after this event, I was introduced to the QXCI by several sources and realized it would have a part to play in my divine purpose. I was still making a living as a Tax Accountant so I had no idea what mountains spirit would move to get me to the QX!

In late 2002 I was able to purchase the QX and had secured several loans in order to begin my career transition to Ascension Guide and Quantum therapist. As I set up my new office and began preparations for transition my romantic relationship began to disintegrate. By 2003 upon the romantic dissolution I was forced to move out of my apartment so I packed everything to storage and moved to San Diego to live in my parent’s home within a four day agonizing decision. The breakup was emotionally devastating for me, as my partner declared after 20 years he was returning to a fundamental religion that explained my direct experiences were of “satanic” nature. Therefore he could have no further contact with me. This was an incredibly abrupt experience of what I perceived at the time as a horrific “betrayal”. (It was the best thing that could ever happen!)  This was a great lesson that prepared me to comprehend that if I could survive this kind of accusation from an intimate relationship, I could easily survive such perceptions of me in the external view by those who would judge me in a similar way. I was introduced to the world of beliefs held in an organized religion, a space that I was not ever intimately involved with. I was incredibly naïve to the darkness that exists to construe the seeds of truth contained in the light. This began another phase of learning the dynamics of the human shadow aspects and how the various dark forces use this to satisfy their agendas.

The AoA Hieros Gamos System (HGS) is a Multidimensional and Living Template Technology being offered to those desiring to expand their own personal empowerment by means of developing spiritual exploration and personal consciousness.  The development of Higher-Sensory Perception (HSP) leads to the awareness of communicating directly with one's inner energetic core and finding one's divine mission and purpose in life.  As one finds clarity within the personal knowing of their energetic core and its purpose in life, inner balance returns, allowing a state of wellbeing that includes inner peace and harmony.

Through the intentional application and During this time of intense emotional pain and moving it created energetic vulnerability and was my first contact with a Negative ET and awareness of its attack motives towards me. I had no awareness of such a thing existing previous to this event. Later I learned this was an entity known as a “Drac” that had psychically assaulted me. This Drac energetically pummeled me for a few days while I was packing up to move. I was so emotionally distraught it was hard for me to tell from where these attacks were coming from. When I finally demanded this energy “punching” in my solar plexus stop and I called upon the Office of the Christ to help me, the Drac appeared to me. There was a telepathic transmission of which he relayed hostile information. Mostly that I was a disgusting repelling hybrid of which my stinking genetics he could smell from a distance and it made him puke. He then spit on me astrally. I saw him clearly, he was brownish green scaled skin with a flat nose, reptile like face with yellow slitted eyes and was wearing a one piece space suit. I knew that he knew I had a potential of something I was going to do in the future and that he was very angry about it. I had no idea what that was. I had made a decision by moving out that changed my destiny into another direction and he was attempting to thwart it by scaring me.

Funny looking back I was so preoccupied and emotional over my breakup seeing this Drac did not even phase me. I wondered why this entity hated me so much but at this time I did not care. I just wanted him to stop assaulting me energetically and it promptly stopped upon getting the Office of the Christ involved. The message he gave to me was so bizarre that I did not know what it meant until years later. This was also the onset of my training to understand the dark agendas of the particular ET Races and why.

Also, the next few years was my “Spiritual Nomad” phase of which I was stripped down to the bare minimum. This is to learn the process of ego surrender and to be taken through a series of intense character testing and strengthening for planetary stewardship development. (To receive all one has to give all.) It was the way I would learn emotional neutrality, mental discipline, inner conviction and implicit faith in the Forces of Light. I would also be taken in depth through the deceptions that are inherent in the 3D illusion of which is the holographic nature of this reality system.

AoA HIEROS GAMOS:  A CALL FOR TRANSFORMATION:   During these times of great planetary and human evolution, known as the Ascension Cycle, a re-evaluation of our personal priorities, lifestyle and social values are at the forefront for many desiring the knowledge to shift and change their own limiting beliefs and consciousness perceptions.  Many of us are living in a deep discontent with our lifestyle, searching to ride the wave of a great change in order to move away from the enslaving nature of the current planetary collective consciousness.

Much of this knowledge has been esoteric and hidden for centuries in many Mystery School teachings and Ancient Wisdom philosophies that carried down this knowledge through certain genetic blood lineages.  Basic energetic Laws of Governing Forms, and how one can masterfully direct these energies to influence their experience within the world of matter; have only been allowed to be accessed by a privileged few.   The Ascension Cycle requires our participation with ourselves and in order to gain energetic sovereignty in the matter worlds, the commitment to serve one's spiritual core is what allows one to have access to these previously hidden systems.

Developmental use of the AoA Hieros Gamos System (HGS), one may develop a foundation based upon Energetic Self-Mastery principles, and claim personal sovereignty and responsibility over one's personal energies.  As a result, one may become fully cognizant in efficiently and harmlessly directing focus and attention to maximize life force potentials.

Please visit:  http://www.energeticsynthesis.com to read more about Lisa Renee and her body of work​